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I’m not that kind of business, Google.

I’m not that kind of business, Google.

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I suspect maybe less than 10% of all Wii U owners would ever need to use the Wii U to Wii U system transfer. For those lucky few, they get treated to this 2:30 animation hidden in the console, and thank goodness it’s on YouTube because nearly all Wii U users will never see it otherwise. (There’s apparently a second part for the destination console but it’s not on YouTube yet.)

Nintendo put no small amount of time and money into animating this and it blows my mind that they would put this much detail into the one feature that will be used less than anything else in the whole system. For comparison, the 3DS to 3DS system transfer features Pikmin moving facsimiles of system files from one patch of land to another. This has new characters that will likely never be seen outside this process. If not for the status messages on the top and bottom, you would never guess what this could possibly be for. In fact, it looks more like a Sega thing than a Nintendo thing.

Incidentally, in before people shake their head at this flagrant mismanagement of resources on Nintendo’s part during a time when they really need to be careful about it.

[Edit]This is apparently a remake of the Wii to Wii U system transfer animation featuring Pikmin, which I suppose was seen by many more people. But Nintendo still went through the trouble of creating new characters, making the animations more detailed, creating new music and environments, and writing a little subplot into the whole show when they could have easily just recycled everything.

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Ice bucket challenge? I thought you said lice bucket challenge!

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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


You’re on a boat, you’re on a boat.

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Just another silly project of mine


"Saved you a click" Twitter accounts are trendy now, so I started one on a topic I’m often sore about. I expect it to be half full of headlines that don’t clarify that they only apply to Japan. Please feed it with sources that often forget to do this. Thanks in advance.

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Man this series makes no fucking sense

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If you could get an explanation for only one part of this photo, what would it be?

If you could get an explanation for only one part of this photo, what would it be?

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